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Get rid of holiday leftovers and digestion issues with this recipe.

Artichokes enhance health, as they stimulate the gallbladder to produce bile, which escorts toxins out of the body and also helps break down fats in the diet.

Pineapple Pizza with Olives

Serve 16 with this fresh veggie-filled pizza!

Matcha Cookie Bites

Cut unhealthy cookies from your diet and try this healthy matcha alternative.

ginger tea

It soothes a sore throat and coughs, warms the body and breaks fevers, quells nausea, and boosts digestion and fight stomach bugs to boot.

This detox recipe is high in fiber and is also great for those looking to cut back on fat, sugar, or salt.


By subtracting gluten and dairy, this dish may be helpful and tastey to those with stomach intolerances or digestive issues. It may also be eaten by those on a nut-free or vegan diet.