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Brew a Cup of Seasonal Tea

Learn why three herbs have so many benefits.

Maria Noël Groves

Holy basil, gotu kola, and green tea make a winning combination for overall wellness. This is my go-to morning cuppa, but you can play around with the ingredients. 

Gotu kola is harder to find in stores, so you can skip it if you'd prefer. Try different flavors of green tea; I love jasmine green tea. The basic recipe features three herbs that work synergistically to calm frayed nerves, boost energy, boost memory, decrease inflammation, fight oxidative damage, modulate blood sugar, curb sugar cravings, and fend off the cold and flu. 

You can also opt for commercial blends like Organic India's Tulsi Green. 

Holy Basil & Gotu Kola Green Tea


  • 1 tsp green tea
  • 1 heaping tsp dried holy basil or one fresh sprig
  • 1 tsp dried gotu kola, optional


  1. Steep in 16 ounces of near-boiling water for two to five minutes
  2. Strain tea
  3. Sweeten with honey if desired, and enjoy!

About Maria Noël Groves

Maria Noël Groves is a clinical herbalist and health journalist nestled in the pine forests of New Hampshire. For more recipes and herbal resources, visit